Clay To Go


Ever want to get creative and get your hands into some clay? 

You can experience working with earthenware clay and building your own pinch pot!

Kit will include:

-Downloadable Demo Instructions

-Clay Kit Member Portal Access

-Access to 2 demo videos

-Sponge, water cup, wooden tool, a bag, and clay.

-a plastic bag to wrap in once you are done with a ware board that is returned when your piece is ready to be fired!

You Make

Delivery & Pick Up Dates:

Round 2: July 17th

Get your hands into clay learning how to make a pinch pot!

           -You will learn how to make a pinch pot and coil build, based on instructions and 2 demo videos. Create anything you want, sculpt or make a planter!

 When your pot is completely made, message us to schedule a pick-up time from the dates provided.

We Fire

Fire Schedule:

Round 2 batch TBD


   Your piece goes into the kiln once it has dried for at least 4 days. Once dry, the piece will go through its first firing (Bisque) then I will sand, wax and glaze your work to go into the final glaze firing.

        Firing can take a minimum of a week and a half.

Then Deliver 

Dates to deliver are above! 

If the dates above are conflicting please message us!


  Delivery will be made once pieces are ready from the Glaze firing. I will send an email when pieces are ready to schedule a delivery date! 


   Then you will receive your pinch pot glazed and finished!

*Clay Kit Note: Kit age recommendation is for ages 7+ please have adult supervision while making projects & follow downloadable directions.